Happy New Year 2015! - Ana Pogačar Photography


to all my friends and family!

The year of 2014 has been very fruitful for me in terms of photography. On top of several international trips, I spent many days taking photos around my beautiful country. My photo journal has 44 entries for 2014! :)

This is a collection of some of my favorite photos taken in Slovenia in 2014. I hope you enjoy browsing through them! :)

  • First glimpse of the blue sky below the top of Kamniški vrh

  • Crazy sunset colors and mists from Kamniški vrh

  • After sunset from the top of Kamniški vrh

  • Velika planina in all its winter glory

  • Looking toward Kamnik from Poljanski rob on Velika planina

  • Long exposure of clouds and an occasional star on Velika planina at night

  • Crocuses on Velika planina

  • Crocuses on Velika planina after sunset

  • Sunrise at Kofce in the Karavanke mountains

  • Sunrise on Križna gora

  • Sunrise on Križna gora

  • Last sun rays on Mt. Storžič with some ominous clouds in the background, as seen from Jamnik.

  • Vineyards around Svetinje and Jeruzalem after sunset

  • A 30-second exposure of the fog moving through the valley at Kranjska Gora.

  • St. Ana Church in Tunjice with Mt. Triglav in the background.

  • Late afternoon hike to Špica hill above Kamnik and above the fog

  • Late afternoon hike to Špica hill above Kamnik and above the fog

  • Late afternoon hike to Špica hill above Kamnik and above the fog

  • Before the sunrise on Kranjska Reber - looking at the Dreta valley with Gornji Grad and Nazarje

  • Before the sunrise on Kranjska Reber - Mts. Veliki Rogatec and Lepenatka against the pink sky

  • Before the sunrise on Kranjska Reber - looking at the layers of mists below. Šmarna gora in the middle

  • A glorious sunset from the village of Rakitovec with views of the Kamnik Alps and even the Julian Alps on the far left

  • Yellow church in Češnjice above the fog at sunset

  • Winter morning with St. Tomaž church and the Kamnik Alps

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