I spent three weeks in the USA starting in mid-June: two in Colorado and one in Utah. After flying into Denver, I rented an SUV and began my exploration of Colorado, a state I'd never been to before. As usual on these roadtrips, I focused on being at the good spots in early mornings and late afternoons, and slept in the car for convenience sake. I had a blast!

June is probably not the best month for landscape photography there, especially since many mountain roads and hiking trails were still impassable due to snow, but it was a good scouting trip to find locations I want to go back to in the fall one day. Just imagine all these beautiful places in fall colors!

The last week was spent in Park City with my friends and coworkers from SmugMug: much fun and food was had (not even counting the strawberitas!), and not so much photography. But that's OK; priorities don't have to be the same all the time. :)

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